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Less is more
Use middleware in OnceIO
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OnceIO is a developing frame with minimizing self-functionality, consisting of router, middleware and Handler. A OnceIO app is essentially calling different middlewares and Handler.

Build a simple web server using OnceIO
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OnceDoc is a managment system with high perforance and independence for enterprise contents. Based on the OnceIO Web frame, it can achieve modular storage and dynamic routing for Web.The front-end, backstage and the database definition are all saved in the same extension package. Every package represents an application with specific function, which could be realized or removed simply through add/delete the folder acquired from the package decompression. Anyone could install the module within 5 seconds. With the module extension package, you can extend your OnceDoc into mailbox, procedure management, community share, assets management, shopping center, etc. If any custome-built extension is desired, please contact us.