Install Oncedoc under Windows system

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First step. Install Node.js

Download Node.js on the official website Node.js. Install the software refering to the detailed instructions. The software could be any version higher than, including 0.12.9.The installation environment should be higher than win7 x64.

Seocnd step. Operate OnceDoc

Acquire the latest OnceDoc released version and decompress it. Find the 'start.cmd' file under the catalog 'oncedoc.release'. Doulbe click the file to operate the OnceDoc local server and complete the installation.

operate oncedoc.cmdTwo processes will start up, one is Redis, which is the internal storage database for OnceDB, the other is the main process of OnceDoc.

Third step. Visit OnceDoc

Now we can visit localhost:8064 in the web server to use any function of OnceDoc.
访问 localhost:8064

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